Advent Pictures – The Journey Towards Christmas

It so often happens that suddenly you are at Christmas and you are not sure how you got there.
And you arrive at Christmas more exhausted than renewed.
Adapting something I saw online, the idea is to take a picture that represents the word (see below) for each day.  You don’t have to be a great photographer. This project is hopefully more about the practice of paying attention and being intentional, than it is being the best photographer [though we encourage you to be creative!]  After you have taken a picture, email it to me ([email protected]) with or without an explanation or caption.  I will post them on our church’s Facebook page and Pinterest page.

December 1 – Watch

December 2  – Expectation

December 3 – Peace

December 4 – Time

December 5 – Vision

December 6 – Awake

December 7 – Ready

December 8 – Wisdom

December 9 – Angels

December 10 – Holy

December 11 – Steadfast/Steady

December 12 – Hope

December 13 – Fear Not

December 14 – Dream

December 15 – Rejoice

December 16 – Shepherds

December 17 – Ponder

December 18 – Journey

December 19 – Patient/Patience

December 20 – God With Us

December 21 – Wisemen/Wisewomen

December 22 – Sign

December 23 – Star

December 24 – Joy

December 25 – Light

Thinking About Thanksgiving


The way the family story goes is the only way I passed French in high school is that my Mom promised the French teacher I would never take French again.  That high school trauma of not being able to learn French led to 30+ years of believing I could not learn another language.  That began to change when I began to lead service learning trips to Central America and wanted desperately to be able to have at least simple conversations with the new friends I was making.  Albeit slowly, little by little, I am now learning Spanish.

All of which leads to this…
The Spanish for Thanksgiving is el dia de accion de gracias.
The day of the act or action of giving thanks.
I like that.
The action of giving thanks.
More than just words.
More than just saying Thank You.
The action of thanksgiving.
If Thanksgiving was more like that what might the action of Thanksgiving look like in your life?