Sometimes It Only Takes One

Over lunch today, my wife shared a conversation she had with a person she works with about how a high school teacher, who because of the way he taught, had opened the eyes of her son, who was primarily focused on math and science, to the beauty and complexity of art. “I need to remember to send him a thank you note.”  She said.  It made me think of my own children and the teachers and individuals who had made a significant difference in their lives.  My oldest son’s 5th grade teacher and his 9th grade Social Studies teacher and my youngest son’s 11th grade math teacher.  And, the other mentors and friends who, by what they did and the way they lived, modeled for my children what it meant to be thoughtful and engaged and do their part to make a positive difference in the world in which we live.

It made me realize that it often only takes that one person.
One person whose interest or insight or example shape who we are and what we do for years to come.  Besides this being true for my children, it has been true in my life as well.
Peter Procopio.  Richard Bell.  John David Burton.
And others.
I am who I am today because of them.
Which leaves me and leads me to this…
How am I going to that one person today?