Early in January, the BELLRINGERS sent two octaves of our Whitechapel bells to be refurbished, machine polished, and returned in time for use this spring. Our set, two octaves originally purchased as a memorial gift in 1960 and now numbering 86 bells, has never been completely serviced. We have sent individual bells that we could not fix ourselves out for repair. In recent years, we realized that in order to preserve the value, tone, and playing capacity of the entire set, we had to make a plan.

Over the next few years, we would like to send the whole set in small groupings, to be worked on until they are all in great shape. We are hoping the church can help us with the cost. In addition, we would accept donations to our BELLRINGER’S FUND, to be used solely for refurbishing the set. The cost of refurbishing one bell is $150, or perhaps you would consider donating to the fund in memory or in honor of someone who particularly enjoyed music. Thank you in advance for your support of our effort to keep this special set of handbells in great condition for future use by ringers at BPC. Please contact Hope Black at 234-7542 or Marcy Carlson at 234-7817 if you have any questions.

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