Sunday Spirit April 22, 2018

How should we treat our neighbors?  Should our neighbors be anyone we meet, even strangers on the street?  Jesus believed so.  He told us this truth through the Story of The Good Samaritan.  The story is about two enemies coming together and putting differences aside.  The Story of The Good Samaritan teaches us that God’s Kingdom is good and loving.  Does your child know The Story of The Good Samaritan?  Try reading the story below.  It is a play and done to rhyme.  Very clever!  Maybe the entire family can act it out!  Have fun.

Playscript GOOD SAMARITAN-1 (1)

Sunday Spirit April 15, 2018

The Story of Creation in the Book of Genesis is the very first story in the bible.  People of all ages, especially young children, enjoy this story with its description of sea monsters, land creatures, all kinds of birds, the night sky, the light of day, and of course human beings, created in God’s image.  There is a certain cadence to this story, an order of all things.  Ask your child what phrase is repeated throughout the story.  The phrase is “and God saw that it was good” or in some translations, “God was pleased with what she saw”.  We all understand the truths of Evolution, however, that shouldn’t take away from this beautiful story of life on earth.

Enjoy this visual translation of the Creation Story