Sunday Spirit May 20, 2018

John 4:16
And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.

When we are little we are loved and cared for 24 hours a day – to make sure we are safe, fed, and bathed. We get lots of hugs and kisses. Our parents shower us with love, guiding us, reading us stories, helping us to learn how to walk and talk. What happens when we get big? When we become more independent and our parents are not with us every minute of the day?  When we can feed ourselves, make our beds, tie our shoes, go to school and even drive a car?

Do our parents stop loving us just because we are big?  No.

And this is how God loves us too.  God loved us when we were small and God loves us when we are big.  Remind your children that God’s love never stops.

Sunday Spirit May 6, 2018

Luke 15:1-7
The Parable of The Lost Sheep

Read the story of The Lost Sheep.  What is Jesus trying to teach us?  Is this one sheep more important than the other 99?  Yes!  Why?  This one sheep is more because it is lost and the others are not.  God deeply loves and cares personally for us and will seek far and wide to bring us back home.  When the one who was lost returns, the Good Shepherd receives her back with joy.  There is comfort in knowing that God will not forget us, but will search for us until we find our way home.

See the attached fun, family project and create your own adorable sheep.  Maybe even give your sheep a name!

Cotton Ball Sheep Craft (1)