We are blessed with a strong team of members who oversee our financial health. We are in relatively sound shape due to prior gifts from people like you, and the thoughtful stewardship of our staff and membership.

As many of you know, we are mindful of the business side of our ministry, and have successfully balanced our budget for over 10 years straight. Building our endowment will ensure our continued ministry – which we can never assume, as we see churches closing on a regular basis.

We strengthened our General Endowment in 2007 and it has provided budgetary and programming support over the past six years. Our Campaign will fortify by $250,000 that aspect of our ministry.

We have had to borrow money in the past to handle major repairs like a flooded basement and leaky roof over Fellowship Hall. Our Campaign will allow us to repay a $160,000 loan and become debt-free (once again!)