To say “25% for Mission” is misleading. Of course, it’s ALL Mission. Nevertheless, the Session felt strongly that a significant portion of our gifts would go directly to the communities and people we serve.

Every year, BPC provides over $60,000 in direct financial support to a variety of mission activities that includes:

 Westchester Youth Alliance
An interfaith youth leadership group founded by BPC comprised of eight congregations and four different faith traditions.

 Neighbors Link
A long time partner of BPC providing education and employment support to the immigrant population of Northern Westchester.

 Emergency Shelter Partnership
An independent non-profit agency founded by BPC over 8 years ago to provide shelter for homeless people in our area during the winter months, which is now under severe financial strain.

These are just three examples. There are innumerable others. Our Campaign earmarks $250,000 to ensure our ability to continue to serve as an agent of hope to our neighbors in need.