A Prayer for Today

O God, this morning we ask that You help push our prayers deeper.
Past those every day prayers we whisper over the headlines in the news or as we rush from one moment to the next.  Far past those prayers for what we want or think we need.  Instead we ask that You push us beyond what is safe and plunge us deep into our hearts and minds and souls so that, for a moment at least, we pray from that place of our deepest longings which touch on the best of who we are and the best of who we are called to be and the best of what we can imagine for ourselves and for each other and for the entire human family.

The words we use today may be the same ones we use at other moments, but our yearning is more. And so we pray…
Surrounded still by brokenness, we pray for hope and wholeness.
Surrounded still by divisiveness, we pray for wisdom to find a way forward and the courage to build bridges.
Surrounded still by heartbreak and heartache, we pray for healing arms.
Surrounded still…
And so we would pray, O God, not just upwards, but outwards with our words and with our lives into the world You continue to love so very, very much.

And, we pray, too, for all those whom we know and for those circles upon circles stretching towards all who fall within the circle of Your grace.
We pray adding our strength to their need and our joy to their joy and our gratitude to theirs knowing and trusting and believing…that it makes a difference.

And so, our prayers this day, O God…
From the best of who we are the best of who we are called to be.
And, may our lives follow where our prayers first lead.