Advent Continues – December 20

Crunch time.
December 20th.
4 days until Christmas Eve.
5 days until Christmas.
I have gifts yet to buy.
Gifts I have already bought wait to be wrapped.
There is more bread to make and grocery shopping to be done.
I rush through these days like Christmas depends on me.
And on my getting it all done…perfectly.

But, thankfully, that is not true.
Ready or not, Christmas comes;
Into the confusion and chaos of my life;
Into the heartbreak and the hope which I feel;
Into my anticipation and my searching.
Christmas comes into my life just as it is and however it is for you in this particular moment.
Maybe all we have to do…
Maybe all we can do…
Is to let it come and find its way into our hearts and lives;
Just as they are in this very moment.