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See. Decide. Act.

I am on the Board of Directors of Bridges to Community, an organization that not only does development work in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, but also provides service learning opportunities where volunteers live in and work with communities to address basic human needs.  I got home late last night from a four day whirlwind trip […]

A Day Not Promised to You

This afternoon I will stand in a cemetery alongside a friend as we remember and celebrate and bury her grandmother. It is a moment, I think, not just to remember the person who has passed away, but to reflect on our own lives as well. Here is something of what I will share this afternoon… […]

A Prayer for Today

A Prayer for Today   O God, If we send our prayers up; Let us also send them out. Pushing them out into the world. Towards the needs of others; And, the dreams of others; And, the sorrow of others; And, the hopes of others. For in some way, O God, in Your grand scheme […]

The Intersection of Theology and Technology

Worship Times is a community of churches dedicated to pursuing a faithful witness in the midst of a society that is rapidly embracing technology as a primary medium of communication.  While there was a day when there might only be one telephone in an entire neighborhood, now it not uncommon for each member of the […]

Podcasting with Worship Times

A lot of our ministries Podcast.  It’s a great way to share the Good News and it takes the message outside the church walls.  So, when we set off to build Worship Times, one of the first elements we created was Podcasting.  We tied it into our publications sections, so that our users can create […]

Welcome to Worship Times

You may ask, what is all this chatter about Worship Times? Simply put? Worship Times is a revolutionary new approach for Church Ministries to establish their presence on the internet. Corporations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars employing entire design teams to hand craft their websites. As a result, todays congregations are used to high […]