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Holy Week

Christmas is easy. Away in the Manger. Silent Night. Holy night. Holy Week is hard. My head understands the events of that take place. Triumphant entry. Confrontation in the Temple. Crowds gathered to hear Jesus speak. Celebrating the Passover. God-awful crucifixion. But while my head understands, my heart rebels. I tiptoe towards the edge of […]

Everyday Miracles

Five years ago I had open heart surgery. I had developed a blood infection that went undiagnosed for a number of months until, eventually, it damaged one of my heart values. It was a long, complicated process both before and after the surgery. Not too long ago I asked my wife if she still thought […]

Sometimes We Make It Too Complicated

Sometimes we make praying and prayers too complicated, don’t we, O God. Thinking we have to be in the right place or say the right words in order to pray. But it is not like that, is it? Remind us again, O God… That each time our heart reaches out to another is a prayer. Every […]

Fred Phelps Is Dead

If you don’t recognize the name, Fred Phelps was the founder and the pastor of the Westboro Baptist Church which is the congregation that was and is vehemently anti-gay and repeatedly protested at the funerals of service men and women blaming their deaths (and a number of other tragedies) on our country’s tolerance and acceptance […]

Ordinary Days

I got up this morning as I usually do. Normal time. Normal routine. I put the dog out. I made coffee. I got the newspaper from the front walk. (Yes, newspapers still come that way.) I let the dog in and gave her food and water. I sat at the breakfast table and had my […]

Bold Dreams

Two weeks ago I was sitting in a plastic chair around a plastic table in a rural community in Nicaragua. I sat there talking to three high school students – two young men and a young woman – about their dreams for the future. The two young men wanted to be engineers of some type […]

Under Attack. Really?

“You can safely assume you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.”  – Anne Lamott The quote by Anne Lamott probably gives me away. But, I have to admit I don’t get it. I take them at their word, but I don’t understand […]

Sometimes It Only Takes One

Over lunch today, my wife shared a conversation she had with a person she works with about how a high school teacher, who because of the way he taught, had opened the eyes of her son, who was primarily focused on math and science, to the beauty and complexity of art. “I need to remember […]

Santa Claus Is White

It is hard to believe, but the craziness around Christmas just got crazier. A couple days ago, Megyn Kelly, a commentator for Fox News declared that Santa Claus is white. Her comments set off a rapid response from serious to comedic. But, if I take a step back from the craziness of it all, her comments made […]

Paying Attention

Each December, when our children were young, we would gather as a family around our dining room table and talk about what organizations we would like to support financially.  Our church always came first, but we also always set aside additional money to support causes and programs that were important to us.  One year, one […]