BPC Stories

A Place to Call Home

On December 14, 2012, I was at work when I heard that there had been a shooting at a school. As I went online to see what had happened I learned with the rest of the country that it happened just miles from where we live, in a school that looked just like ours, to kids that were my daughter’s age, to parents that seemed just like me.

It’s Simple: Open Hearts Taking Action

Recently received a flurry of email that reminded me why I’ve been part of Bedford Presbyterian Church for nearly 30 years.

Growing in Faith and Family

After Christmas Eve service 2010, our daughter said “I want to sing in the choir.”  We had been attending BPC for Christmas services for several years but were only “holiday regulars”.  We had recently been discussing the idea of joining a church and raising our children with faith but had not made any decisions.  We asked the church “Can our daughter sing in the choir if we are not regular members?”  We were greeted with a welcoming “Of course!”

Talking About What’s Important

As we make our way through our life as a family in Bedford Presbyterian church, what’s important about it for us shifts around.
We talk about it.
We talk about the sermons.
Or our children on the stage fronting the assembled parish.
Or the joys and concerns. Or the hymns. Or simply the unrelenting goodness and cheer of Paul and all the church leaders.

Faith in Action

Bedford Presbyterian Church promotes faith in action by providing opportunities for people to help those in need. There is nothing more debilitating to the soul than to read or hear about human suffering. In the face of so much need, it would be very easy to commiserate with others about the world’s woes without really taking any steps to improve the situation.