BPC Stories

A Bee in One’s Bonnet

Who can explain a fixation on attending the Sunday service? A whim that mutated into a yen, a turn, a habit? Go overboard: a hang-up, a compulsion? Could prove your destiny. You’re early, say ten of ten. A mom, maybe a couple, with a child in tow, scurries around the corner. Neat, plausible ushers, sometimes […]

Working Together

When I relocated to NY in 1982, I began to check out the options available for my young children to receive the discipline of a spiritual, and not necessarily religious, education. I was tireless in my search, visiting churches and synagogues in NY and CT with no avail. I wanted for them to have an […]

Families Are Complicated

Nothing in my life prepared me for being a grandparent. You’re probably thinking – what could be better than grandparenthood? Yea, that’s what I thought. I was not prepared for the disappointment and heartbreak that came along with my realization that I was a G2. I didn’t know there was a difference – silly me. […]