BPC Stories

Open Unto Me

  Before each church season, the staff sits down and thinks about a theme that we would like to explore with the congregation. Right now, we are focusing on Howard […]

Faith in Action

Since Derrick Weston led last year’s Food and Faith series, we have been looking at the inequities in our country’s food systems. We gained a new understanding of how food […]

Asking Questions

During my vacation, I went to Florida to visit my family. My mom lives near the beach, and so I could wake up each morning, walk along the water, and […]

A Place to Call Home

On December 14, 2012, I was at work when I heard that there had been a shooting at a school. As I went online to see what had happened I learned with the rest of the country that it happened just miles from where we live, in a school that looked just like ours, to kids that were my daughter’s age, to parents that seemed just like me.

It’s Simple: Open Hearts Taking Action

Recently received a flurry of email that reminded me why I’ve been part of Bedford Presbyterian Church for nearly 30 years.