A Prayer for Today

A Prayer for Today


O God,
If we send our prayers up;
Let us also send them out.
Pushing them out into the world.
Towards the needs of others;
And, the dreams of others;
And, the sorrow of others;
And, the hopes of others.
For in some way, O God, in Your grand scheme of things
It is when we link hands and join lives;
And, when we stand with each other and for each other
That we discover You in our midst
And Your Kingdom come made present.
So, let us pray that way, O God.
For those whom we name and all those who find themselves hurting or broken or sad or alone.  And, knowing that our first and our best prayer is often Thank you, let us pray that way, O God.  Giving thanks this day and for the life and love which both surround us and sustain us.  And, having reached out towards one another with our prayers, let us also reach out towards one another with our lives.


Welcome to Worship Times

You may ask, what is all this chatter about Worship Times?

Simply put? Worship Times is a revolutionary new approach for Church Ministries to establish their presence on the internet.

Corporations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars employing entire design teams to hand craft their websites. As a result, todays congregations are used to high quality web design, whose tastes have been finely tuned by large organizations who have enough resources to commission a “great website.”

Let’s face it, most churches simply do not have the money needed to commission a “great website.” In reality, this is not an entirely a bad thing. After all, isn’t the church’s first calling to do ministry, not web design?

Unfortunately, however, many churches have been unable to keep up with the advances in web design techniques and are left with websites that are more of a hindrance to their ministries than a useful tool. (Trust us, we have seen some doozies!)

Worship Times has been designed to bring the expertise of full time web developers to church web design while also creating a cost effective solution. The result? You get a a great website at a fair price, making it possible for you to use your budget for mission while using the rapidly advancing web technology to work for you, rather than against you.