Sunday Spirit

Sunday Spirit for Children in Kindergarten through 5th Grade

During the service, the kids meet for Sunday Spirit, an education program where our children can feel a sense of belonging within the community of faith and develop an awareness of God’s presence in their lives in an open, caring, supportive and fun atmosphere.

We also hold family events, where we can safely gather. With Trunk or Treat, movie nights, hikes, talent shows, and cooking classes, we have been finding creative ways to make sure that kids can stay connected to our church.


Confirmation is for students 9th grade and older

Confirmation is an opportunity for students to think about and to talk with others about what they believe about God and Christianity. Knowledge of the Bible is not required and all questions are allowed. Confirmation will be meeting weekly, starting in the fall.

Our Confirmation program has three parts:

  • Our Sunday evening conversations
  • Participation in worship activities (greeters, ushers)
  • Participation in Service activities: Neighbor’s Link, WYA (Westchester Youth Alliance), ESP (Emergency Shelter Partnership), and Sunday Spirit.