Emergency Shelter Partnership

The Emergency Shelter Partnership is a coalition of more than 20 congregations and community groups working together to provide emergency shelter during the coldest five months of the year. BPC hosts the shelter for two weeks each winter.  We will be asking for volunteers to help provide meals and be the overnight volunteer to work with the ESP staff person for the nights we host the shelter.

In addition to providing a safe and warm place to sleep, BPC volunteers provide a meal each evening and something for breakfast each day that we host the shelter.

For additional information please email Shirani Ponnambalam.

Upcoming Dates at BPC:

BPC is hosting the ESP from December 31 –January 6.
We need volunteers for the following:
  1. Prepare & serve dinner for approximately 20 people. This involves preparing a simple meal, such as a stew, a chicken casserole or lasagna.  We’ll give you more detailed suggestions once you sign up. Typically, you will arrive at the church at 9 PM and you will be done shortly after 10PM.  It’s best if there are two or three of you to help serve.
  2. Prepare breakfast bags. Breakfast items such as bagels, muffins, hard boiled eggs, fruit and a juice have to be bagged and brought to the church the evening before.
  3. Stay overnight in the Church. The ESP has a paid staff member who sleeps in Fellowship Hall with the group. In addition, we like a member of our congregation to spend the night, in a separate space, (Kathy Di Biasi’s office), to be available in case of an emergency. We have never had an emergency situation, but we do need a church member to stay over.  You can leave as early as 6:00 AM the next morning.
  4. Our guests have a shower at the Church during the week. Donations of soap and shampoo will be welcome. Please drop it off in the designated container outside the Church office.
Please email Shirani or call at 845-797-6435, or call Joan at the Church Office, 234-3672. A sign up sheet will also be available in Fellowship Hall following Sunday services beginning November 25. We really appreciate your help with this wonderful program which provides shelter for homeless men and women in Northern Westchester.