Below are some helpful hints when asked to film for the worship service:

General Filming Hints
  1. If possible have someone film you.  Most camera phones have a higher resolution using the camera on the back than the one on the front used for FaceTime. So having someone film you helps use the highest resolution.
  2. Have the camera held steady or resting on something to make the video as steady as possible.
  3. Choose an interesting background that has color, it makes the video look nicer.  Outside is great if possible but be careful not to add to much background noise.
  4. Speak up.  Sometimes the distance the camera is from you will result in a low sounds result that may be difficult for people to hear.
  5. Hold the camera sideways this results in a picture that fills the screen instead of just the center unless you are filming for call to worship or singing.
    • Read your part and pause reading the other part silently before reading your next part.
    • Film your self with phone horizontal (side by side) for this part of the service.
    • You should be able to email this as the file will not be very large.

Example of a Call to worship with two people.

    • John should have sent you the accompaniment to sing to.  Listen to this with earbuds and film with a phone in the vertical position  (up and down).
    • See below instructions for uploading.

Footage of singer.

Final product after adding words and organ.

Uploading Options
  1. If you can email the video this that will be great send to many iOS devices will offer the option to send it via iCloud so that a link is sent to me and is available for 30 days.  If asked to do that say yes.
  2. If emailing doesn’t work then email me at letting me know you need a dropbox link.  I will send it to you and you will click on the link in the folder using the device where the video is.  It will ask you find it one the device (on an iPhone it is likely in the Photo Library) select it and click done then upload.  It will then send it to me.  It’s that easy.

Questions?  Contact Jim at