Nativity Farm Begins Building!

As the days get longer and warmer, the crew has been hard at work on Nativity Farm, gearing up for the Potluck Lunch and Garden Workshop on Saturday, My 21.

First, we had a wonderful Service Sunday! Kids drew plans, imagining what the farm might look like. They planted seeds for the garden and took some to grow at home.

After the seeds were planted, Courtney Steininger moved the sprouts indoors and outdoors, trying to make sure that they got adequate sun and water. Then Natasha Mast and Courtney constructed a “Hoop House,” a temporary greenhouse in the back of the fire station.

(Don’t worry! The firefighters at the BFD were very thankful that we let them use that area for so many years. They were happy to hand it back over as they prepare to move into their new home.)

Today, they started to construct the raised beds.

In the next couple of weeks, they will continue to construct the beds and move the mulch. If you would like to help before May 21, you can talk with Natasha or Courtney. Then, please join us for the Potluck Lunch and Garden Workshop.

Thank you, all! We are thrilled to see all the hard work!



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