Ordinary Days

just-an-ordinary-dayI got up this morning as I usually do.
Normal time.
Normal routine.
I put the dog out.
I made coffee.
I got the newspaper from the front walk.
(Yes, newspapers still come that way.)
I let the dog in and gave her food and water.
I sat at the breakfast table and had my first cup of coffee.
All of which is to say
This day began as an ordinary day
Like most of my other days begin.
And the rest of the day shapes up to be a pretty ordinary day as well.
A bit of work to do to be ready for tomorrow.
Several chores to accomplish so I can cross them off my list.
Grocery shopping.
Walking the dog.
Daily run.
All VERY ordinary.

My prayer today is this…
May I recognize how wonderfully special and unique each ordinary day really is.