It’s Simple: Open Hearts Taking Action

open-hearts-smRecently received a flurry of email that reminded me why I’ve been part of Bedford Presbyterian Church for nearly 30 years.

The church just became aware of a 19-year-old young man from Central America living on the streets in Mt Kisco. His 17-year-old sister had recently joined him. No place to stay, working part time jobs when available, with a very uncertain outlook.

With no questions asked the church made arrangements for them to stay in an unused classroom so they would have a safe place to sleep. The church “care team” is jumping into the mix to make sure they have food. Church members are volunteering to sleep over so there is someone for them to turn to with questions.

No one on the emails has met these two. I don’t know their last names. Know very little about where they are from or their families at home.

People taking action to help others who are in need.

It’s pretty simple.

That’s why I’m a member of Bedford Presbyterian Church.

~Dave K