Stewardship Drive 2021

After 340 years, the congregation of Bedford Presbyterian Church is about to embark on another new beginning. There has perhaps never been a more important time for us to go forth and serve our friends and neighbors, here and around the world. During this challenging year, BPC has continued to fulfill its mission. We have held our bonds to each other as a Church, and our members and friends have continued to support and assist groups aiding those in need. Sunday services are being celebrated on line and we have engaged in safe fellowship.

In the midst of this year of sacrifice, there has also been joy. We have been blessed to call the Reverend Carol Howard Merritt to lead our church and help guide us toward a new beginning. With Reverend Merritt, we will seek to strengthen our existing ministries and also seek new ministries to explore, to engage in, to lead. We will do everything we can to help those in need. That is the mission of Bedford Presbyterian Church.

To allow us to fully realize our new beginning, we ask for your renewed financial support in the form of a pledge for 2021. For those who are able, an increase in your pledge over last year’s amount would be particularly helpful in dealing with the many uncertainties surrounding our needs in 2021, in both the church and the community.

Together we can continue to be a vibrant, welcoming, inclusive community serving God.

We are about to do a new thing. Please join us.