Food For The Journey
Paul Alcorn
A sermon prompted by this short story. Her husband was near the end of his life and receiving care from hospice. Being Roman Catholic, she had asked their parish priest to come by each day so they could celebrate the Eucharist and receive the sacrament together. After the bread and wine were blessed and shared, she would lean in close to her husband and whisper, “Food for the journey.”

What Are You Going to Do Today?
Paul Alcorn
Our everyday choices and actions matter and make a difference.

Paying Attention
Paul Alcorn
A reflection on how we pray and what it means to pray.

Colcord 2018 Video
Pictures from our 2018 work trip to Colcord, West Virginia

And God Said…A Converation
Paul Alcorn
An introduction to a conversation we had in worship about what God might be saying to us today.

Before You Go…
Paul Alcorn
A reflection for the Sunday on which we recognize and celebrate graduating high school seniors.

Memorial Day 2018
Paul Alcorn
A series of reflections for the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.

Paul Alcorn
A reflection for the celebration of Pentecost.

Don’t Fit In: A Reflection for Confirmation Sunday
Paul Alcorn
A reflection for the Sunday morning when we celebrate the seven young men who participated in our Confirmation program this past year.

7 Questions: A Conversation
Paul Alcorn
A conversation with the congregation about questions we asked of this year's Confirmation class. Questions which are worth all of us thinking about.