Sunday Spirit June 3, 2018

What are some games that require another person to play?  Games that couldn’t be played without that other person?  Some examples are checkers, thumb wars, catch, and ping pong, just to name a few!

One of the most important relationships we will have in our lifetime will be the friends we make.

The following scripture represents what Friendship is all about.

From the Book of Ecclesiastes:  “Two are better than one. For if one falls, the other will lift her up. But woe to her who is alone when she falls and has not another to lift her up.”

What do you think this passage means? Can you name one friend who would be there to help you up?  What qualities does this friend have? What is most important to you in a Friendship?

A Friendship should make us feel good about ourselves. After spending time with a friend, analyze how you feel. You should have a smile on your face and feel good inside.