Sunday Spirit June 10, 2018

Everyone needs a friend. It is the second most basic relationship in life. Jesus said that the two most important commandments are to love God with all your heart and to love your neighbor as yourself.  We often experience God’s love through the love of a friend.  The Book of Proverbs in the Bible tells us what makes a good friend and how to develop and maintain meaningful friendships.

One night around the dinner table, have each family member share something a friend did or said to them that week that was nice and made them feel good.  Talk about what each of you considers the number one quality in a good friend.

Book Suggestion:  “Help” by Holly Keller

Sunday Spirit March 25, 2018

Can you tell the story of Holly Week?  An easy and fun way to learn the story of Holy Week is to use symbols and eggs!  As the picture illustrates, take an egg carton and label 12 plastic eggs from 1 to 12.  Put the labeled eggs in your egg carton.  Starting with egg number 1 place the appropriate symbol in the egg that corresponds to the story of Holy Week.  Continue until you get to egg number 12.  What is in egg number 12?  Nothing!  Egg number 12 symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  The tomb was found empty.  Try this at home with your children.  The symbols are below.  Be creative!

Egg Number 1:  Picture of a Donkey (Palm Sunday)
Egg Number 2:  Piece of Bread (The Last Supper)
Egg Number 3:  Picture of a Cup (The Last Supper)
Egg Number 4:  Picture of Praying Hands (Garden of Gethsemane)
Egg Number 5:  A Coin (Judas Betrays Jesus)
Egg Number 6:  A Feather (Peter Denies Knowing Jesus Three Times)
Egg Number 7:  A Nail (Jesus is Nailed to a Cross)
Egg Number 8:  Dice (Jesus’ Clothes are Divided)
Egg Number 9:  A Piece of Cloth (Jesus’ Body is Wrapped in Cloth)
Egg Number 10:  A Stone (A Large Stone is Rolled Across the Entrance of the Tomb)
Egg Number 11:  A Cotton Ball with Spice (Women Prepare to Anoint his Body with Spices)
Egg Number 12:  Empty (The Tomb is Found Empty)

Sunday Spirit February 11, 2018

Think of a friend.  Picture their face.  Imagine the times you share together.  Ask this question:  Why is this person my friend?  Jesus believed in friendship.  One of his most famous teachings is Love Your Neighbor as Yourself.  Or, in other words, treat your friend as you would like your friend to treat you.

Are you a good friend?

A friend is someone who helps you up when you’re down, and if they can’t, they lay down beside you and listen ~ Winnie The Pooh

Sunday Spirit January 28, 2018

Image result for pictures of many dogs

Show your child this picture.  Invite them to tell you something about the picture:  What do you notice about it? What do you like about the picture? What colors do you see? What makes you smile? Do you believe every single one of these dogs deserves love and kindness? Does one deserve it more than another?

Jesus said: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. ~John 13:34