Talking About What’s Important

talking-about-whats-importantAs we make our way through our life as a family in Bedford Presbyterian church, what’s important about it for us shifts around.
We talk about it.
We talk about the sermons.
Or our children on the stage fronting the assembled parish.
Or the joys and concerns. Or the hymns. Or simply the unrelenting goodness and cheer of Paul and all the church leaders.

Sometimes, however, the sense of what’s important to us about BPC will come from farther afield.
We’ll note that our children have developed a remarkable comfort standing in front of any large group of people.
That comes from BPC we’ll say, smiling, happy.
Or when, as we watch TV we sense with some dread a hardening in the language and, at least apparently, in the hearts of many towards the most unfortunate.
We then feel a countering wave of relief and happiness that the people of our church commit, personally and collectively, week in and week out, to reach out into our community to help where help is needed. Or, better still, when we hear our children, of their own impetus, showing empathy to those in a hard way, an openness to those different from us and reverence for those that do good things.

These are the things that are important to us. We know that there’s more to come for all of us.
And for that we are deeply grateful.

Jen and Jorge