Uh…Do What?!?

Have you ever wondered what “born again” actually means? Are you puzzled by Jesus’ outburst of anger that leads him to curse and destroy a fig tree? What did the poor tree ever do to him? Or, what about Jesus claiming that he is the way, the truth, and the life? That sounds so harsh and exclusive.

Some of these words and deeds of Jesus leave us confused, and some of them have been so twisted in their interpretation that we feel ill!

If you have ever wondered about these puzzling scenes, we hope you will join us for a six-week sermon series. It begins January 6, 2019. Patrick will preach the first five Sundays, and Heather will wrap up the series on February 10.

January 6 “In The Beginning Was The…Word?”

It sounds like nonsense. Besides, what’s this “word” got to do with us?

January 13 “Born Again?”

It sounds like a secret code word that gains entry into heaven! But did Jesus actually say “born again?”

January 20 “Jesus and a…Temper Tantrum?”

Maybe Jesus was really, really hungry. Maybe figs were his favorite snack. Maybe we want to forget he ever cursed the tree. Or, maybe not!

January 27 “Way, Truth, and Life”

Did Jesus say “the way?” Perhaps he actually said, “a way.” No. The text doesn’t let us off the hook that easily, and that’s good news, very good news, indeed.

February 3 “God’s Name is a Verb?”

When can a name be a verb? When God has a chat with Moses in the wilderness.

February 10 “Hometown Hero”

Jesus returns to Nazareth and preaches a powerful sermon. Instead of Coffee Hour, however, his former neighbors have other plans for Jesus after the service.