Bedford Presbyterian Church sponsors two service learning work trips for high school students and adults each year. These trips provide an opportunity to help and to serve others, but also for participants to reflect about life, faith, values and the world in which we live. We have been taking work trips to Buchanan County, VA since 1990 and to Nicaragua since 1996. Then starting in 2019, Bridge to Community, transitioned their work from Nicaragua to the Dominican Republic, where we have been traveling since. Here is one comment from a young man who was a student at Middlebury College and who is now in the Peace Corps about his experiences here at BPC when he was in high school:

Without BPC, I would have missed out on a number of incredibly rewarding, instructive, and valuable experiences. I still believe that my trips to Nicaragua have shaped me more than any other event in my life. I came back a changed person. Saturdays doing Habitat were so enjoyable as well, and I have continued to do Habitat builds at Middlebury. Midnight runs taught me so much about other people, such as not to judge others who may seem different, and to love my neighbors.


We are working on details for all upcoming work trips. For more information, email Courtney Steinenger.

Past Work Trips

If you would like to see what our work trips are like, please enjoy some videos from our previous trips!