Dominican Republic – February 15-23, 2019


February 17-24, 2018


Nicaragua 2018 Pictures and Videos:

Getting Ready to Leave

On the Plane

On the Plane

Made it to Nicaragua!

Gathered Together

Hanging Out

Off to Our Communities

Day 1

Day 1

Day 1

Day 1

Day 1

Day 1

End of Day 1 – Headed Home

San Joaquin

Day 1 – San Joaquin

Carlos, San Joaquin

End of Day 1 – San Joaquin

Day 2 – Stuffed animals for everyone. Thanks, Madison!

End of Day 2 – Walls halfway complete at Francisca’s house. Everyone helped!

End of Day 2 – San Joaquin

Nicaraguan Garden

Day 3 – Upper walls going up at Francisca’s house. Upper pour next.

Day 3 – Upper pour for Francisca’s house. Everyone helped, from youngest to oldest.

Day 3 done at Francisca’s house. Great job, everyone!

Day 3 – San Joaquin

Last day at Francisca’s house. Who is that jumping the volcano?

Last morning at Francisca’s house. Mixing small amount of cement for the crown of the house. Getting the floor tile ready to be laid. Digging dirt to level the floor. All good.

Last Day in San Joaquin

Last Day in San Joaquin

House dedication for Doña Francisca’s house.

Doña Francisca’s house.

Doña Francisca’s and her son Adrian in front of their new house.

Girls of San Joaquin

Boys of San Joaquin

Proud owners of a new house in San Joaquin.

Don Sefarino, Doña Maria and their son Eddie in front of a new house.

Comejen Team

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